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Friday, February 5, 2010

Disney World, Homework, and Planes! Oh my!!

As everyone who has read this so far knows, we had an agonizingly long flight from Oakland to Houston. My ears didn't pop until after I had fallen asleep and then they had the nerve to plug back up! I swear. You can't get good ears these days. It probably did not help that I had already been congested due to a slight cold that I had gotten a couple days earlier. Anywho, my ears still plug up and pop sporadically, it really is pretty frustrating. But onto the day after we arrived here in the sunshine state.

Yesterday we all had decided to go the Disney World resort. We spent all day in the Epcot park. It only had informational rides, which Wendy and Heather quizzed us on afterwards. (Of course.) Despite the quizzing and actual learning at one of the most massive theme parks on the east coast it was really fun. There was some really strange geography for the park. Mexico was next to Norway and Norway was followed by China. China of course was next to Germany, that does make a bit of sense. Kind of. I think Disney needs to refresh on their world geography. Although I did have a cold and, by the time, we got back to the hotel, a jammed ankle a day in Disney World is better than doing your homework.

Speaking of homework, that dreaded thing, is what we're doing today aside from walking down to the beach and sitting there for awhile. Most of the girls dove right into their work to get it over with. I, on the other hand, need to use the internet to get some assignments. Besides I do work better at night anyway :] I'm avoiding doing my work as I type. Thank you blogs!!! My head is killing me every time I sneeze or blow my nose, which is alot. My cold has steadily been getting worse. It's pretty annoying. Especially paired with the pain in my left ankle. Man, I am just the disaster kid on this trip. I hope I can go the rest of this trip without getting seriously sick and/or injured. Knock on wood. Ha ha. This blog has turned into an essay practically. Although my English teacher would have my hide for all of the personal pronouns and the contractions scattered throughout. Well I probably should wrap up this blog. Thank you for reading! Bye.


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